Advantages through all-in production in China

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Von Sebastian Maling


A leading European bath lift vendor asked us to think about how its production in Europe could be switched to China. The aim was to regain competitiveness in the face of other companies that were operating aggressive pricing strategies. In addition, improvements to the product were to be implemented in series production.



Since this rather specialised product is only intended for a limited target group, the production volumes are rather low.
In order to still gain advantages from producing in China, the entire manufacturing process had to be optimised from start to finish.

Confidentiality was another key aspect. Under no circumstances should any other competitor have been put in a position to launch the same kind of products.


The first step involved identifying the core components determining quality. They turned out to be, above all, the belt and the remote control.

We also discovered improvement potential in the control software.

Three manufacturers were identified for the core components: lift, belt and remote control. Each manufacturer was only concerned with its respective part of the product and knew nothing about the other two manufacturers.

Final assembly and functional testing of the product were carried out at Dakoko, where the bath lifts were stored at the customer’s request to offset fluctuations in sales.


Procurement costs were significantly reduced. In addition, it also proved possible to realise product improvements and enhance the control software. An exclusivity agreement ensures that no competitor can obtain the same product.


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