Why CNC turning makes sense at Dakoko


Many details are decisive on the path from a drawing to a CNC turned part.

The following factors are particularly important in turning high-quality parts:

  • The right CNC lathe for the respective job
  • The right expertise to correctly machine the respective material

At Dakoko, we are specialists in:

  • Turned parts made from stainless or free cutting steel:
  • Hydraulic components
  • Shafts
  • Sleeves and bushings
  • Process and tool optimisation in manufacturing high-volume parts

Our main emphasis is on turned parts in diameters of 3.5–26 mm and medium-sized or large lots (procurement volume: €15,000–300,000).

We specialise in internal-geometry parts, e.g. hexagonal, square or custom geometries, and side-milled parts.

The main materials we work with are stainless and machining steel.

You can find an overview of our fleet of lathes here.


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