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Von Sebastian Maling


A global manufacturer of upmarket domestic appliances was looking for a partner to manufacture the core component of a washing machine and deliver it to production facilities worldwide. The quality requirements were high as component failure would lead either to an assembly line standstill or premature breakdowns in customers’ washing machines.



As it turned out, ensuring 24/7 availability of this component at assembly lines in plants across the world was just as important as quality.
Dakoko was thus required not only to implement a smoothly functioning production process, but also to develop a global logistics concept.


Whereas production of the component is solely Dakoko’s responsibility, a partnership was the solution chosen for global delivery. The production plants in Europe (Spain, Turkey, Germany and Russia) are supplied by Heinrich AG, whereas the plant in China is supplied by Dakoko using a just-in-time process with a 30-minute time window. Dakoko’s own depot close to the Chinese plant helps to avoid possible delays due to the country’s chaotic traffic conditions.


The customer has enjoyed all-round service to their complete satisfaction for more than seven years. The quality of the components is of the highest standard and the logistics concept ensures punctual deliveries at minimal cost.


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