Our lathes for high-quality turning


To ensure highest quality we only use metrology equipment from leading manufacturers. High reliability and measurement precision independent from the operator are our number one criteria for selecting measurement equipment.

Machine-Type Manufacturer Model
Coordinate Measurement Machine Zeiss Duramax
Projector Keyence IM-7020
Contour Testing Maschine Accretech Surfcom 1800G
Surface Roughness Tester Accretech Surfcom 1800G
Hardnesstester HRC Mitutoyo HR-320MS
CAQ-Software Pickert RQM
Automatic Optical Sorting Machine Ching Chan PSG-1300-C2


From bar stock up to 26 mm and up to six-axis machining (Tsugami)

  • Optimal cycle times and machining precision
  • Utmost precision thanks to stationary tools and movable workpiece
  • Ideal for mid-volume series of up to around 300,000 parts a year where great precision and many machining operations are required
  • Minimisation of errors due to manual re-chucking through backside machining on one machine
Manufacturer Model Quantity
Tsugami BO203 3
Tsugami BO205 10
Tsugami BO265 1
Tsugami BO266 1
Tsugami BO206 1
Tsugami BO204 2


Rotary transfer machine with 8 processing stations

  • Short machining times thanks to power-driven tools and stationary workpieces
  • Non productive times of just 0.3 seconds per cycle – thus total cycle times of less than 2 seconds can be realized
  • Ideal for highly complex parts where extensive internal machining is required
  • Ideal for high-volume series of at least 250,000 parts a year
  • Manufacturing directly from coil material in order to reduce material waste
Manufacturer Model Quantity
Wolf TSM280 3


From bar stock up to 20 mm

  • Outstanding machining times and minimal non-productive times for the highest possible output
  • Ideal for high-volume parts of moderate complexity with just a few machining operations
  • Favourable machine costs
Manufacturer Model Quantity
MingYang MY20 3


In order to meet highest standards while reducing machining times, Dakoko uses specialized equipments for secondary operations. This results in highest part quality for the lowest possible cost.

Machine-Type Manufacturer Model Quantity
Centerless Grinding Machine Palmary PC-12S 4
Polygon Milling Machine Kotung KT-100C 1
Thread Rolling Machine Fuh Der Yang FDY-30A 1


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