Logistics – the key to successful manufacturing in China


The right parts in the right place at the right time.

And, where possible, with no storage facilities of your own. After all, they only tie up a lot of dead capital. We know your requirements and are ideally equipped to fulfil them. Our logistics portfolio includes:

  • Standard delivery of bulk goods
  • Packing in the customer’s container or packaging
  • Custom packaging for optimal further processing by the customer
  • Just-in-time delivery in China see case study
  • Vendor management inventory in China


What counts in logistics are good ideas.

Dakoko is your logistics partner of choice for innovative approaches that help you simplify your work sequences, e.g. through modern shelving systems with integrated balances. This way, our IT system always knows your exact inventory situation and ensures the stock is replenished in good time. This enables you to operate with minimal inventory levels, maximum supply security and no reordering work.

  • Customised shelving arrangements for everything from small 8 kg boxes to entire pallets
  • Remaining stock visible at all times by weight or number of units
  • Lower demands on operator than RFID systems and maximum freedom from human error
  • Direct links to ERP systems possible

At Dakoko, we use this same system to manage our tool demand, using as few personnel as possible.

That’s not because of the cost of labour, which is relatively low in China. We are driven by the desire to avoid human error. After all, if a key part is missing, that will cost you much more than its purchase price.

We reduce this risk through an appropriate degree of automation.

Additionally, when we set up warehousing systems for our customers, other suppliers can also use these systems. Nobody should feel they are bound to us. After all, we’re convinced that our performance will speak for itself.


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