CNC turned parts and CNC milled parts from DAKOKO

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Precision that fits: Your development, your purchasing, your quality standards

We manufacture complex turned and milled parts for you from steel, stainless steel, copper and special materials:

  • Long turned parts up to 320 mm in length with diameters from 3.5 to 26 mm
  • Turned parts with diameters up to 200 mm from the sawn blank
  • Milled parts up to 400 mm x 400 mm x 600 mm

We achieve the smallest tolerances in line with the highest European quality standards. Optimized production processes ensure not only speed, but also impressive terms.

So you never have long to wait, we safeguard your supply with innovative logistics solutions.

Whether you turn to us regarding the areas of development, purchasing or quality assurance: Dakoko fits.

Contract manufacturing done right

Fits the development department

Dakoko fits: For your development

Technical expertise
We have in-depth understanding of complex requirements, are on the same page as you, and provide advice so your new product is even better and more affordable.

Innovative solutions
Based on your requirements, we work with you to develop tailor-made parts for complex requirements.

Fast response
Agile production of prototypes and a rapid, flexible response to design changes.

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Fits your purchasing department

Dakoko fits: For your purchasing

Lean costs
With our competitive prices we fit your budget.

Reliable delivery
We help to avoid interruptions in the production chain by delivering on time and reliably.

Long-term partnership
Consistent quality and forward-thinking service form the basis of sustainable cooperation.

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Fits your quality control

Dakoko fits: For your quality assurance

Highest quality standards
Stringent quality management and the strictest quality controls ensure that our standards meet IATF 16949 and ISO 14001.

Certified performance
We provide comprehensive evidence of compliance with relevant industry standards.

Consistent production
The agreed quality remains the same with every delivery. Thanks to automated 100% monitoring in the case of critical components.

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CNC turned part with lateral machining

Tailor-made precision in CNC: Our individual solutions for your CNC turned parts and CNC milled parts

Frequently produced CNC turned parts

Valve parts and hydraulic components


Sleeves and bushings

Frequently produced CNC milled parts

Sensor housings

Engine brake housings

Valve and cylinder blocks

Part of a shaft coupling

Convincing advice.
Convincing quality.
Convincing prices.
Dakoko fits.

Let’s talk about your project!
Make use of our extensive experience to discover new solutions to the challenges you face.

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