Component assembly the safe way


Whereas CNC turning can be easily automated, a good deal of manual work is frequently required for component assembly operations. So it’s only logical to do this kind of work in a country where wage costs are considerably lower than in Europe or the US – in China.

But low wages aren’t everything.

After all, even the tiniest of mistakes made during component assembly can cause unforeseeable consequential damage.

Besides, in component assembly you’re always dependent to a certain degree on your supplier. Which is why you should always take a good look at them to make sure you’re in safe hands.


At Dakoko, we are specialists in assembling components in small and medium-sized lots.
This includes everything from simply packing sets to assembling entire devices.

Thanks to tried-and-tested process procedures, we make sure that your expertise never leaves our premises. Even if, after obtaining your consent, we have individual components processed by our audited partners, we ensure that only the least amount of data required is passed on to them.

Find out how component assembly works in practice at Dakoko by reading this case study.


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