Contract manufacturing in China – where quality and price count


If you have your turned parts manufactured in China, you’ve got to ask questions about quality, as well as reliability, punctual delivery and service. And that’s not all.

Contract manufacturers who meet all of these requirements are rare in China; so rare that we set up our own contract manufacturer – Dakoko.

Anyone who’s seen how faulty parts can cause an entire production line to grind to a halt will know what we’re talking about.


German precision, Chinese possibilities

For more than a decade, our team has specialised in the procurement of high-quality metal parts in China, Taiwan and Vietnam. In total, this adds up to more than 200 years of experience, which is an integral part of Dakoko’s DNA.

Our company has a process-oriented structure with the responsible persons clearly defined. They are all driven by the desire for continuous improvement.

Highly automated production processes using state-of-the-art equipment create the reliable infrastructure required for 82,000 machine hours per year. Seamless process analysis and quality controls during manufacturing processes are standard.

The high degree of automation not only reduces costs, but it also essentially frees us from the uncertainties of the labour market, thus increasing your and our planning security and production reliability.


Turnkey solutions with just one partner

Whatever your contract manufacturing requirements, at Dakoko we produce the goods to your exact specifications to ensure seamless integration into your production process.

We also look after every aspect of your logistics chain, so you are spared any unpleasant surprises that may increase your costs.

If required, we can extend our production capabilities to include additional services from certified and regularly audited partner companies. So with just one partner, you have numerous ways of keeping your overall procurement costs low.


Customised manufacturing concepts to meet your requirements

If you’re planning series production of turned parts in medium or large lots with production schedules over several years, we will be glad to show you ways of further improving your parts production.

In this, we cooperate closely with machine manufacturers and automation specialists.

Long running times of up to 7,000 hours a year ensure low hourly machining rates, and any necessary investment is cheaper in Asia.

Find out how we have successfully implemented such projects in this case study.


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