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For quality managers in manufacturing companies, maintaining consistently high quality from suppliers is a key task: Fluctuations in the quality delivered can lead to significant problems in production and the resulting product quality. This poses a significant risk to compliance with standards and customer satisfaction.

How can you ensure that the quality of your suppliers is up to standard at all times and remains reliably consistent? How can you minimize the risk of quality defects and their consequences?

Dakoko offers a comprehensive solution

Certified and automated production: Dakoko is certified according to IATF 16949 and relies on highly automated production. Our strong focus on process development ensures that parts run consistently in volume production. This means we can guarantee consistently high quality across all production batches.Automated final inspection for critical components: To achieve the goal of zero defects, we have implemented automated final inspection for critical components. This step in our quality process minimizes risks and ensures that every part which leaves our production meets the highest quality standards.

Talk is silver, action is gold

Our expertise is reflected in a large number of successful projects, which we are happy to provide as references. This allows you to see for yourself that we comply with the ISO, IATF and VDA requirements. An audit gives you the opportunity to directly examine our processes and quality controls, and experience the consistency and reliability of our quality assurance.

See for yourself and make an appointment with us. In a meeting or audit, we will discuss with you how Dakoko can specifically address your needs and help you achieve your goals through a secure, consistent supply chain.

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